Henri Lumbanraja

Tax and Legal Advisor


Lumbanraja has had broad experience in the banking industry for about 13 years and been a professional lawyer for 14 years.

Lumbanraja worked at Bank Danamon Indonesia and handled Credit Extension and Bad Credit Settlements.

Prion to running his own law firm, Lumbanraja worked at one of the most reputable law firms in Indonesia as a professional lawyer and directly handled the following transactions:

Lumbanraja was one of the legal counsels to represent PT. HUTAMA KARYA, directly involved in resolving issues related to financing the construction of the Pondok Pinang - Jagorawi JORR toll road, by issuing a Commercial Paper-Medium Term Note (CP-MTN / HK) valued at Rp 1.05 trillion and US $ 471,000,000 in 1998.

As one of the legal counsels of PT. PUPUK KUJANG, he handled and resolved the dissolution of PT Pupuk Kujang Foundation in 2008. In this dissolution, it was determined the value of shares of PT Pupuk Kujang as the parent company of PT Kujang Harindo Indonesia be disbanded.

Lumbanraja represented PT. BANK MUTIARA resolving a case of returning customer money for the sale of a mutual fund’s investment at the counter of PT. Bank Century (later changed to PT. Bank Mutiara) issued by PT Antaboga Delta Sekuritas Antaboga for Rp 41 billion. In this case, not all customers could withdraw the Mutual Funds investment issued by PT Antaboga Delta Sekuritas in the amount of Rp 41 billion.

Lumbanraja represented PT. BANK DANAMON INDONESIA to handle and resolve Credit Settlement cases of Bank Danamon customers and to sell Collateral Goods from bank Clients.

Lumbanraja represented PT. KIM ENG SECURITIES to handle and resolve cases that were detrimental to PT. KIM ENG SECURITIES related to the sale and purchase of shares traded by Brokers and Customers. PT. KIM ENG SECURITIES was once the most active broker with a transaction value or gross value of Rp17.80 trillion.

Lumbanraja represented PT. NINDYA KARYA to handle and settle cases of acquisition and sale and purchase of land from communities purchased by PT. NINDYA KARYA for the construction of toll roads in the Surabaya area.

Lumbanraja represented PT NINCEC MULTI DIMENSION (in bankruptcy) Against PT Lion Metal Works and Petitioner II. PT Sarana Baja Perkasa, in case Number 12 / Bankrupt / 2012 / PN Jkt.Pst., Dated April 17, 2012.

Lumbanraja represented PT. MAJOR COCOA INDUSTRY in the case of Delaying Debt Payment Obligations (PKPU) Against PT BANK MANDIRI in case Number 37 / PKPU / 2011 / PN Jkt.Pst., Dated January 17, 2012.

Lumbanraja represented GROWTH HIGH INVESTMENT LIMITED in Case no. 2 / PID.SUS / KEBERATAN / TPK / 2018 / PN.Jkt.Pst., related to PKPU case in Decision number 88 / Pdt.Sus.PKPU / 2015 / PN.Niaga.Jkt. Ps.

Lumbanraja represented PT. PRIMA KENCANA in the PKPU Case (Delaying Debt Payment Obligations) in PERKARA NO.: 77 / PDT.SUS-PKPU / 2020 / PN NIAGA JKT.PST. against ASWIN ANDREAN THOE, and Ir. IWAN RIANTO SOETEDJO.

Lumbanraja as the legal counsel of 12. Nanwani Sarimona Rohhili in a Case related to a Tax Obligation Case against the Head of the Jakarta Gambir Tiga Tax Service Office located at Jalan K.H Hasyim Ashari No. 6-12 Lt 3 Central Jakarta 10130.

Lumbanraja was one of the legal Counsels (Liquidators) of PT. ASEAN ACEH FERTILIZER (AAF) in liquidating PT. ASEAN ACEH FERTILIZER (AAF). In 2018, PT Pupuk Iskandar Muda (PT PIM) North Aceh officially acquired PT Aceh Asean Fertilizer (PT AAF).

Lumbanraja as a legal counsel conducted Legal Due Diligence for PT. KHARISMA ASSET MANAGEMENT In the context of issuing and dissolving Mutual Funds that are sold through the Capital Market with a fixed and certain interest rate; Legal Due Diligence for PT. AURORA ASSET MANAGEMENT in the context of issuing and dissolving Mutual Funds sold through the Capital Market with a fixed and certain interest rate. And Legal Due Diligence for PT. MNC Finance in the Context of the Public Offering of MNC Finance III Bonds 2012 with a Fixed Interest Rate.

Lumbanraja as a Legal Counsel of PT. ARCHIPELAGO SECOM INFOTECH to establish a subsidiary engaged in the field of special technology and other fields.

Bachelor of Law, Bung Karno University.
Magister of Business Law, Pelita Harapan University.
Magister of Health Law (Cumlaude)¸ Sekolah Tinggi Hukum Militer.
Bachelor of Economics, Darma Agung University.

Professional Associations and Memberships:
Indonesian Advocates Association (Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia – PERADI).
Indonesian Capital Market Legal Consultants Association (HKHPM).
Association of Administrators and Receivers Indonesia (Himpunan Kurator dan Pengurus Indonesia – HKPI).
Customs, Export-Import Certificate issued by Director General Kepabeanan dan Cukai.
Tax Law Consultant, Indonesian Tax Association (IAI).
Brevet A& B (Indonesia Taxation Law) Certificate (IAI).
Tax lawyer issued by Chair of Tax Court Jakarta.